Weed Control Program

Weed Control Services for Stone and Mulch Beds

Stone and mulch beds are often chosen for their easy upkeep and aesthetic appeal. However, without proper care, even these low-maintenance options can fall prey to unsightly weeds.

That’s why our Weed Control Program isn’t confined to traditional grass applications – our five-step specialized weed service also extends to large and small stone and mulch beds.

To target weeds effectively, our weed control program consists of six applications throughout the year:

  1. Early Spring (April)
  2. Late Spring (May/June)
  3. Early Summer (June/July)
  4. Late Summer (August)
  5. Early Fall (September/October)
  6. Late Fall (November)

This regimented program enables our lawn care experts to get to the root of the weeds before they reach the surface and ruin the overall curb appeal of your property.

Don’t let weeds tarnish the beauty of your stone and mulch beds. Trust Cerami Lawns Irrigation & Mosquito to keep every inch of your outdoor oasis in its prime condition.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive Weed Control Program.